Volume of Trade: How it Works, What it Means, and Examples

Basically, it refers to the number of shares traded at the market during trading hours. It is also a measure of how much a particular security has been traded within a specific period of time. As a powerful tool, it’s used as an indicator when it comes to trading. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment.

What is a good trading volume

Jill is coincidentally the market maker buying the calls from Tom. Since the trade occurs on the same day, the trade increases options volume by how many contracts traded. However, a new contract wasn’t established; it just switched hands. The two parties to the call are Jack and Tom, while Jill is flat, so open interest stays the same. At some point, a price meets a resistance level during uptrends and in sideways markets. The trend stops and starts to fizzle as selling pressure overcomes buying pressure.

What is considered good volume for a stock?

Thinly traded securities are those that cannot be easily sold or exchanged for cash without a significant change in price. Free Investing Webinar Learn all the ways IBD’s top investing tools can help you succeed in the market! Introducing OptionsTrader by IBD IBD has entered the world of options! When scouring for watch-list candidates, keep in mind that price matters, too. Unscrupulous promoters of penny stocks can easily manipulate a stock trading less than $5 or $10 a share.

If using a daily timeframe, the volume traded on day two is added or subtracted from the volume traded on day one. On days when the closing price on day two is greater than the closing price on day one, the second period’s volume is added to the previous one. If the closing price in the second period is lower, then the second volume number is subtracted from the first. But by the time the stock cleared a two-month base in July 2013, it was trading near 39 with average daily volume of 680,000. Now that you have a solid grasp on trading volume, let’s take a look at a few more volume indicators you can use to further expand your volume analysis.

  • However, the subtle differences in how they are calculated means that they offer a slightly different take on market mood.
  • The Balance uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles.
  • One way to use open interest is to look at it relative to the volume of contracts traded.
  • Yet, as contracts move from a second month out, traders move their positions to the closest delivery month, causing a natural increase in volume.
  • When securities are more actively traded, their trade volume is high, and when securities are less actively traded, their trade volume is low.
  • Learn how to interpret a stock chart to understand the movement of the stock market and an individual stock’s performance, as well as how to make sound financial decisions.

One potential hazard to watch out for is that a volume spike is due to a support or resistance level being tested, rather than a full-blown reversal forming. Another disadvantage is that volume strategies can point to something happening in the markets, but converting this into price entry points requires the use of other indicators. When you look at daily trading volume, don’t just look at the trading volume for that particular day.

What Does High Trading Volume Mean?

Volume can also be used to spot the end of a trend and a time to consider exiting a position. If you enjoyed this post, you probably will be interested in order flow trading. Volume analysis and auction market theory are at the core of order flow trading. For example, if you hold a long position in an uptrend and begin to notice volume starting to decline you can exit some or all of your position. You can use volume not only to confirm a trend but to assist in your trade management as well. Simply put, not enough new aggressive buyers entered the market above the $10 handle to take price higher.

What is a good trading volume

When prices fall on increasing volume, the trend is gathering strength to the downside. Volume can indicate market strength, as rising markets on increasing volume are typically viewed as strong and healthy. For example, suppose company ABC’s stock increased in price by 10% over the past month. An investor is interested in the company and wants to purchase 1,000 shares. They conduct a fundamental analysis of the company and see that its earnings and revenues have consistently increased over the past year. However, the investor is not confident the stock will continue in this uptrend and is worried that the trend may reverse.

How to Predict When a Stock Will Go Up or Down? [Beginner’s Guide]

A downtrend without increasing and/or above average volume implies investor concern is limited. While the stock’s price may continue to fall, traders who use volume analysis may start to follow the stock and watch for signs of a pickup supported by increasing volume. When a stock’s price breaks through that level, the breakout is generally believed to be more significant if volume is high or above average. A breakout accompanied by low volume suggests enthusiasm for the move may be lacking. Later that same day, another party trades in the June 70 call series.

What is a good trading volume

We can also use the CMF volume readings to spot false breakout signals. If we break above resistance but we have negative readings on the CMF indicator that is a potential false breakout. When the CMF volume readings are above the zero level, it reveals a buying pressure and the fact that we’re in an uptrend. Typically, on a rally, the Chaikin volume indicator should be above the zero line.

On the above 15 minute chart you can see the uptrend continued to be confirmed as volume continued to rise with price. This process repeats over and over in every trend until price reaches a level that fails to attract new market participants. You will automatically start receiving daily market analysis, trade ideas, and blog updates.

One of these metrics is volume, so if some of the biggest players in the market are using volume as a guide, it makes sense for smaller traders to do the same. One analogy to consider is an open outcry trading pit, which characterised most stock and commodity exchanges prior to them being computerised. You can calculate the dollar volume by multiplying the stock price by the average daily share volume. So a stock that trades at 60 and moves an average of 400,000 shares a day has a dollar volume of $24 million. Volume in stocks means the total number of shares traded on a specific stock exchange during a given timeframe. If a stock has a high volume, it’s more likely to be a long-term move, whereas a stock with a low volume is more likely to experience short-term moves.

How To Invest: Where To Find Average Daily Volume

That is, if a security is continuing higher in an uptrend, the volume of the security should also increase and vice versa. Volume is one of the most important measures of the strength of a security for traders and technical analysts. From an auction perspective, when buyers and sellers become particularly active at a certain price, it means there is a high volume.

Since moves into these zones are rare, traders who use the MFI are fairly confident when they can take a trade based on one of these readings. Personally, I use TradingView to trade, so that’s the platform I share all of my examples in. That said, all 4 of these indicators are available on a wide range of trading platforms. When the Chaikin indicator breaks back above zero, it signals an imminent rally as the smart money is trying to markup the price again. The Chaikin Money Flow indicator can also be used to confirm the strength of a breakout. If the CMF volume reading is above zero when we break a resistance that is viewed as buying pressure.

Everything You ever wanted to know about our volume strategy for trading.

Open interest also gives you key information regarding the liquidity of an option. If there is no open interest in an option, there is no secondary market for that option. When options have a significant open interest, it means there are a large number of buyers and sellers out there. An active secondary how to increase your brokerage trading volume market increases the odds of getting option orders filled at good prices. The other thing to look for with average volume is whether the stock is liquid enough. The more thinly traded the stock is, the riskier it can be—if there aren’t a lot of shares trading just one seller can push the price down.

What is a good trading volume

While swings in trading volume may not be enough on their own to reveal changes in a trend, they can give you a sense of how much strength there is behind a move. In day trading, there are buyers and sellers which mean buyers will purchase shares sold by the sellers. This happens when long term technical and fundamental factors are present.

Trading Volume and Price Reversals

All expressions of opinion are subject to change without notice in reaction to shifting market conditions. Data contained herein from third-party providers is obtained from what are considered reliable https://xcritical.com/ sources. However, its accuracy, completeness, or reliability cannot be guaranteed. Volume is an important measure that can be used to identify as well as assess market strength and weakness.

When investors look at the total open interest of a future or option, there isn’t a way to determine if the contracts were sold or bought. However, they shouldn’t assume there isn’t important information to be found here. Keep in mind that not every transaction is counted in open interest. For example, if an investor buys 20 of the XYZ calls to open, and they are matched with a trader selling 20 of the XYZ calls to close, the open interest total number isn’t going to change. If an investor owns 2,000 shares of XYZ and wants to do a covered call by selling 20 calls, they would enter a sale to open. Since it’s an opening transaction, it will add 20 to the open interest.

There is one exception for buying low-volume stocks, which is when you have done your due diligence and concluded that you have found a good company that has yet to be discovered. When volume increases, you will have the potential for a multi-bagger, which is every investor’s dream scenario. In order for a security to trend, the rising prices in an uptrend or falling prices in a downtrend must attract new market participants to enter the market.

Trading Volume: What It Is & How It Affects Stocks

In such an instance, a significant drop in volume and open interest can serve as an early warning indicator that a market has just about “run its course”. These are strictly secondary indicators or trade “filters”, and should only and always be utilized as such. Everything You ever wanted to know about our volume strategy for trading.


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