several Compelling Explanations why Guys Ghost After Hookup

7 persuasive explanations why guys ghost following hookup

When others guys ghosting as a way to keep their very own options available and avoid determination, that’s not always the case. According to Candice Jalili, seeing expert and author of Only Send The written text, a guy could possibly ghost following hookup for the variety of causes.

1 . They’re looking at someone else

You might be wondering what going on if you notice your ex-lover is normally suddenly appearing unconcerned, indifferent and does not seem to worry about you ever again. This could happen if perhaps they’re witnessing other people during the time you were seeing the other person, says Jones.

2 . They’re not really interested in a relationship

One more why some guys ghost after get together is that they simply aren’t prepared for anything severe. They want somewhat fun within their lives and aren’t willing to invest in a long lasting relationship, says Jalili.

3. They’re struggling with a private issue

At times, men ghosting after hookups as they are facing a significant personal challenge that they just can’t see through, according to Orenstein. She explains that this could be something as simple like a traumatic breakup, or a thing more complex just like depression or anxiety.

4. They’re afraid of getting hurt simply by you

One common reason why men ghost after get together is because they’re worried about staying hurt or rejected. If this is anything they’re having in their own life or perhaps in your own, it’s important to bear in mind they’ve the right to share the way they feel.


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